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This portion of the MATN website is devoted exclusively to employment. The types of listings include open positions at mental health agencies and opportunities to join private practices. The cost of these listings is $10 per 90 days for MATN members and $25 per 90 days for non-members. In addition, there is an ongoing recruitment section for larger employers that are always accepting applications. These ads are complimentary for members at Level 5, $10 per 90 days for MATN members at Levels 2 or 4, and $25 per 90 days for non-members.

This section also contains Seeking Employment ads for those desiring to obtain positions at mental health agencies, private practices, or under direction. The cost of these listings is $5 for MATN members and $15 non-members. The ad will stay up for as long as necessary. Please contact David Edwards at to place a Seeking Employment ad.

There is also an Ad Templates page that has suggested (but not required) formats.

You may use the drop-down menu or click on any of the links below to access current ads.

Ongoing Recruiting

Open Positions

Private Practice Openings

Please submit ad content to David Edwards at and/or call 770-485-9541. Your ad will appear on the site within one business day.

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