MATN Therapist Search

To facilitate locating an appropriate therapist(s), the MATN Database is searchable by various types of attributes. Each search function may be accessed through the drop-down menu or by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

Search by City: Please use this search function to locate MATN members who practice in a particular city.

Search by Keyword(s)
This search function may be used to perform a Google-like search of the MATN site

Search by License Type: In this section, members are organized according to their credentials.

Search by Multiple Attributes: The Narrow Search option allows users to search the database by keyword(s) or by specific attributes. The box at the top is for conducting a keyword search. The filters under the box are for searching for attributes in members' profiles. Users are able to check as many boxes as are applicable to their search. There is a SEARCH button on the bottom of the page.

Search by Name: This section contains an alphabetical list of MATN members' profiles.

Search by Specialty: This webpage contains an alphabetical list of members' specialties. Clicking on a particular link populates a list of each therapist who works with that specific issue. 

Search by Type of Service: This section provides a list of the various types of services MATN members offer. Clicking on a given descriptor will populate a list of those MATN members who offer that particular type of service.

Search by Zip Code: This search function organizes results by zip code. Please be sure to check the Sort By Distance box before clicking SEARCH because there will most likely be quite a few members within 10 miles of the entered zip code.

Search Entire Directory: This function contains access to all members' profiles in alphabetical order by city name. Search results can be narrowed by clicking on clusters of two or three letters (e.g., def, jkl, yz that will bring up members who practice in cities starting with those letters).


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