Georgia and Regional Imago Therapists of the Southeast (GRITS)

Georgia and Regional Imago Therapists of the Southeast (GRITS) is a non-profit membership organization of professional therapists and educators across the Southeastern United States. GRITS is dedicated to providing networking, ongoing support, education, workshops and training in Imago Relationship Therapy. This organization is also committed to doing research to further the development of Imago theory and practice. GRITS works in support of, and in collaboration with, Imago Relationships International.

Imago Relationship Therapy is a highly effective form of couple's therapy that has positively affected thousands of couples around the world. It is focused on personal growth and healing in the context of a committed relationship, integrating many major psychological theories of relationships. It proposes that there is an unconscious purpose guiding us in our selection of a mate and in the conduct of our relationships. The difficulties we experience arise from our lack of awareness about what we are doing in our relationships rather than from our choice of partners. Imago Therapy focuses on relational counseling to transform conflicts between partners into opportunities for healing and growth.

This transformational method of couples counseling was developed over 25 years ago by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt. Therapists can now receive extensive training to become certified in Imago Relationship Therapy. Currently there are Certified Imago Relationship Therapists in over 25 countries who are helping couples improve their relationships.

Imago Relationship Therapists (CIRT) are highly trained in Imago theory and practice. Their training enables them to effectively help couples to develop compassion, resolve their conflicts, and to deepen the quality of their connection, all within the context of personal growth and healing. There are currently over 50 Certified Imago therapists in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. If you would like to find an Imago therapist in your area, CLICK HERE.

The “Getting The Love You Want Workshop for Couples” is offered in Atlanta monthly. This weekend intensive helps couples discover the joy of being together while using their relationship for personal change and growth. For information about attending a workshop, please look under Workshops by CLICKING HERE.

If you are interested in training in Imago Relationship Therapy, contact Allison at 404-584-7500 and/or CLICK HERE.

For more information about GRITS, including becoming a member, contact Terry Thompson Horn at [email protected] or by phone at 404-418-6010.


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