RiverWoods Behavioral Health System

RiverWoods Behavioral Health System is a treatment center which offers a full spectrum of treatment options for adolescents, adults, and the older adult populations. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of people suffering from a variety of different challenges, including mental health concerns, behavioral health concerns, and/or chemical dependency. We have a highly trained and qualified multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and technicians who make it their goal to provide everyone who comes to us for help with the highest quality of care possible. We recognize that symptoms present differently in everyone and that, in order for treatment to be effective and successful, the unique needs of every person must be met. In order to do this, we tailor and implement treatment plans based on each patient’s specific concerns, symptoms, and life circumstances. We also offer specialized tracks for co-occurring disorders and chemical dependency. We want the treatment you receive from us to set the stage for lifelong recovery and wellness.

Levels of Care Offered at RiverWoods Behavioral Health:
• Inpatient Treatment
• Partial Hospitalization Program
• Intensive Outpatient Program

The inpatient treatment program at RiverWoods is the most acute level of care that we offer for our patients. During the inpatient program, patients work towards learning how they can heal, stay healthy, administer medication if and when necessary, and then return to living the happy and productive lives that they want to live. The length of stay in our inpatient program varies depending on the needs of each patient.

At RiverWoods Behavioral Health, we offer partial hospitalization programs for adolescents and adults. This program is designed to help patients receive an intense level of therapeutic treatment while still having the opportunity to return home in the evenings. This program can work as a step down from inpatient treatment or a step up from traditional outpatient treatment. The partial hospitalization programs are centered mainly on group interaction, but individual and family therapy are included depending on each patient’s treatment plan. Our partial hospitalization programs run from 9:00-3:15pm and the typical length of stay is 2-4 weeks, depending on one’s progress.

The intensive outpatient program at RiverWoods Behavioral Health is typically used as a step down from the partial hospitalization program or a step up from traditional outpatient therapies. This program is strictly therapy based, but any issues or concerns regarding medication management can be addressed with private psychiatric treatment. During the intensive outpatient program, group therapy is the main modality used but individual and family sessions can be added if the patient’s therapist feels that it would be beneficial to treatment. Our intensive outpatient programs run from either 9:00am-12:00pm or 5:30pm-8:30pm.

RiverWoods Behavioral Health System, 223 Medical Way, Riverdale, GA 30274, 855-858-2701

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