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Who We Treat
Talbott Recovery accepts patients with a dual diagnosis, such as addiction with a coexisting depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, personality problems, etc. Patients attending our treatment programs have a chemical abuse problem, but we address the whole patient and his/her disease. We screen the health status of all potential patients to make sure we are the proper facility for care. Assessment involves a review of medical history and records by a member of the medical staff, and an admission screening assessment with our intake department.

Addiction Treatment Programs... for more details, please click on a specific program's name.
Adult Programmen & women 26 years & older. Our addiction treatment program for adults provides comprehensive treatment of addiction (alcoholism and other drug-use disorders as well as various other addictive disorders
  that are non-substance related) in an intensive outpatient setting.

Professionals Programmen & women 26 years & older. Our goal is to assist patients in returning to work in their chosen profession providing it is safe for the patient and the public. Using the vast knowledge acquired by years of treating professionals, key members of each patient’s treatment team offer expertise in licensure and employment issues. The existing relationships we have with each state board and professional health program allow patients to have a smooth transition back to the workplace upon completion of the Professionals Program. Our Professionals Program treats: Physicians in all specialties, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Therapists, Psychologists, Pilots, Attorneys, and Business Executives.

Young Adult Programmen & women 18-25 years. It is generally agreed that young adults who suffer from addiction have more difficulty achieving sobriety than their adult counterparts. Our program was designed to address
that difficulty. Our therapy focusing on substance abuse and young adult drug treatment uses special groups and therapeutic techniques to address the challenges of this age.

Dual Addictionsmen & women 26 years & older. Our Dual Addiction Program for Adults provides a combination of education, individual therapy and group therapy for those struggling with dual addiction — both substance
  disorders and addictive sexual behavior.

Trauma Recovery Track

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

72-Hour Professionals Assessmentas clinically indicated.

Recovery Residences - located off-campus for program attendees.

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Locations in Georgia
Talbott Recovery Campus 5448 Yorktowne Drive, Atlanta, GA 30349 (800) 445-4232 or (770) 994-0185

Talbott Dunwoody 2153 Peachford Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338 (800) 445-4232 or (770) 994-0185

Talbott Columbus 1200 Brookstone Centre Parkway, Suite 210, Columbus, GA 31904 (706) 341-3600

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